Credits vs. Hours

One of the most common billing questions we’re asked is whether one credit corresponds to one hour. The short answer is No.

Credits are how Sunbowl tracks the progress of project. The price range given on your scoping document is what you pay. Credits are simply a tool that we use to make sure we are on-track with what we promised. 

Here is how it breaks down.

With every credit, you receive the services of 3 Sunbowl members. A project lead, a project understudy, and a specialist.

The Project Lead

As your primary point of contact, your Project Lead receives your requests, organizes them, and asks all the right questions to uncover the best path forward. They act as a sounding board for your ideas and can use their experience and expertise across many different projects to brainstorm fantastic solutions. Not only do they organize and send off your requests to the specialist, they perform quality checks on every aspect of the work to ensure the results meet the requests before advancing your project to the next stage.

The Project Understudy

While mainly working in the background, your Project Understudy’s impact is tangible. Communicating with the PL, the Understudy follows your project closely to ensure no request or question is missed. They also document your journey as it unfolds, memorializing important decisions and project checkpoints. This means if a new teammate needs to join the project, they can digest years of progress through a few friendly video recaps, significantly reducing onboarding time.

Furthermore, because of their deep familiarity with your project and training in Project Lead responsibilities, the Understudy is also the perfect person to step in when your Project Lead is unavailable. They offer a second layer of support and stability to your project, protecting your investment in Sunbowl.

The Specialist

Finally, the specialist writes your code, designs your UX/UI, configures your content–any of the wide range of services our multidisciplinary team offers. They are the experts in their respective disciplines, working in the minutiae to solve problems, automate processes, and build beautiful websites.