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We take your vision and make it happen. Whether you have an existing site that could use some upgrades, or you need one built from the ground up- we specialize in making your online store the best it can be. It doesn’t stop there. We provide one-on-one training + video instruction to guide you through the maintenance of your new site. Our commitment is to ensure that you know how to  navigate, modify, and update your online store with ease.

Our goal is to empower you!

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"Jody had me at, 'I want to be your web guy'. I loved that I could throw it all at him and he made sense of it and then made sense of it for me. He rocks and so does Shopify. Starting a business is hard, you guys made this part easy." - kor-nyc

"Jody turns your ideas into reality. He works fast, and delivers. Jody met and exceeded all my expectations. Not only is he a great web designer, but he has vision on how to take your online store to the next step, which is why I have decided to hire Jody again to help develop my new business." - europlex wall design