1. Who is going to be working on it next.  

This is the number one value sunbowl embodies. Think about the next person who is going to be picking up your project. Did you make it as easy as possible to understand, did you set them up for success so they can just get to work; Cause you never know you, the next person might be you.


2. Is this something you'd showcase in your own portfolio.

Working for sunbowl gives you a chance to rapidly build your portfolio and work on some truly amazing sites. Do the best work you possibly can and it will be an excellent resource for your own business. We have 100's of resources to help, so if you need it -- just ask.


3. Have you tested your work to make sure it works and didn't break anything else on the site.

At facebook they have a saying "Done is better than perfect" at sunbowl we feel "Working is perfect". Making sure a feature is properly tested is vital to releasing a development theme. We are typically working on sites that are our clients life blood, so we want to make sure out work is properly tested before it goes live.


That's it.