How to Setup Custom Fulfilment in Shopify

How to setup custom fulfilment in Shopify

A question we regularly receive is “How does Shopify notify my distributer when a product is sold?”

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How to setup custom fulfilment in Shopify.

On the Shopify dashboard, select Settings in the bottom left.

User is clicking Settings at the bottom of the Shopify navigation

Next, select Shipping

A user is selecting Shipping from Shopify settings

Scroll to the bottom to “Custom order fulfillment” and select “Add fulfillment service” and add your distribution contact’s name and email address and click Save.

A user scrolls to the bottom and selects Add fulfillment service.

User enters Name, Email, and saves

Now we’ll have to assign this fulfilment service to our products. Open the product and scroll to Fulfillment Service near the bottom. Select Manual and change it to the service you just set up.

User is updating to the new fulfillment service within their products drop down menu

Now it’s time to test our configuration. In the Shopify navigation, select Orders > Drafts. Add a product with the custom fulfillment service and mark as paid.

User is creating a test purchase to see if the new fulfillment service will be notified

User is marking test purchase as paid to test the fulfillment service

The merchant has received the order and must click “Request fulfillment” to send a notification to the distributor.

User must click Request Fulfillment  to notify fulfilment service

The distributor will receive an email with the request that by default looks like the following:

An email displaying the email that the fulfilment centre will receive

When they’ve fulfilled the order the merchant receives a notification and can input tracking and mark the order as fulfilled. This information is then sent to the customer.

After the fulfilment centre sends the product. the merchant  selects Fulfill Items on the customers order

Merchant is prompted with a popup to add Tracking Number and Carrier

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