How to setup a bogo deal in shopify without using an app

How to setup a bogo deal in shopify without using an app

Today we're going to learn:

How to set up a Buy One Get One (BOGO) sale using the Automatic Discounts feature built into Shopify.

On the Shopify homepage, select Discounts > Automatic from the menu on the right side and select “Create automatic discount”.  

In Shopify, select discounts, automatic, and click Create automatic discount button

First we’ll add the title that customer sees after the code is applied at checkout.

Next we’ll setup the Customer buys section. This criteria must be met in order for the customer to receive the free product. In this example, the customer must purchase 1 Handbag Organizer to obtain a free product.

User sets up the automatic discount title, quantity, and the specific product that must be purchased to get a free product.

Afterwards we configure the Customer gets section. In our example, the customer purchases a Handbag Organizer and receives one free Handbag Organizer.

User sets up the quantity and the specific product that is free with the purchase of the previous product                 

Note: You can limit quantities and set date ranges for your promotion

 User sets the maximum number of uses per order and the date range of the sale                   

Now it’s time to test! Add two of the product to your cart and proceed through the checkout process. On the right had side, you’ll notice the second product is free.

A screenshot of the cart with the required product, and free product automatically added

Note: It is a great idea to let your customers know of the sale by using a notification bar.

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